Hi! You’ve reached the internet home of Kezia Manlove, wildlife disease ecologist and free-lance statistician based in Bozeman, MT and State College, PA.

My research applies quantitative and computational techniques to investigate the interplay between host behaviors and pathogen establishment and persistence in wildlife. I am particularly interested in disease dynamics on spatial and social networks (both within- and between hosts). To date, the bulk of my work has focused on bighorn sheep and the emerging Mycoplasma that constrains their population growth through endemic pneumonia (under the supervision of Peter Hudson, and in close collaboration with Frances Cassirer, IDFG). I also collaborate on projects studying brucellosis in elk (with Paul Cross, USGS), and Hendra virus in Australian flying foxes (with Raina Plowright, Montana State). I’m always excited to learn about new systems from people who know them inside-out.

I spend most of my free time running, riding, and skiing the Bozeman area trails. Here‘s a good list of local trail running options.